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Bridging finance & empowering economic growth together

Our Embedded Solutions
Explore our tailored embedded solutions, designed to seamlessly integrate advanced data analytics and AI-driven tools into your network and use-case. Empowering financial service providers, our solutions enable informed decisions, effective credit risk management, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Dive deeper with our Score API documentation, showcasing the utilization of alternative data sources to provide accurate lending decisions
Agent Financing

In Africa, an extensive network of cash-in and cash-out agents facilitates various financial services, covering 50+ utility bills. With over 500,000 agents serving Tanzania's informal sector, daily transaction activity is robust, providing ample lending opportunities.

Through strategic partnerships with fintechs and financial service providers, Tausi offers tailored financing solutions and credit risk management for agents.


Our sophisticated scoring system enables banks and financial institutions to confidently lend to this dynamic market.

At Tausi, our product services include term loans of up to $100, with flexible repayment options within 28 days. We prioritize understanding agents' unique needs, empowering their growth with accessible and flexible financing solutions.

Merchant Financing

Merchants across Africa depend on digital payments to streamline their daily operations and elevate customer service standards.  In Tanzania alone, with over 200,000 merchants accepting digital payments, this creates a substantial financial data footprint, laying the foundation for merchant financing opportunities.

Tausi collaborates with fintechs and service providers to seamlessly integrate a financing solution into their business activities. Through our innovative approach, merchants can access financing of up to $400, with repayment terms extending up to 28 days.

At Tausi, we prioritize understanding the unique needs of merchants, empowering their growth with accessible and flexible financing solutions.

Our Partnership Model
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